Down to Earth Functional Art

HipKNOTic Designs LLC unique handmade novelty functional art made from nature to add a charming appearance and beauty to your yard or inside your home.


Decorative mailboxes, flowerpots and shelving sculptures feature your favorite themes from fairies and mermaids to cars, movies and music.


Have a special theme in mind?

We specialize in custom orders

for yourself or as a one-of-a-kind gift.

Cruising Woodward Avenue Northwest from Detroit Michigan Custom Mailbox
Gandalf Arrives at Bag End in Hobbiton Handmade Mailbox Sculpture
My Little Town Handmade Mailbox Sculpture
Yodel-oh-ee-dee Adorable Blonde Braided Gnome sits afront a Windmill
Gypsy Gold
Light up half moon (natural or red/turquoise)
My Happy Place Half Wheel
Wallhanging flowerpots (both full and half sizes)
The Hulk from Avengers
Gemstone Circle for Protection & Support Shelving Indoor/Out Wall Hanging