Climb up the staircase along the edge of the water to reach a dock facing the glow of a blue moon surrounded by a starry deep blue night sky. The white of the moon reflects in a calm blue sea. A watchful brown owl sits perched in a branch from one of six trees.


Capture the wisdom of the owl with the mystery and energy of a Blue Moon in this one-of-a-kind handmade sculpture. Together the Blue Moon and owl encourages resolve to live authentically, offering a daily reminder to embrace insights that reveal what makes you you.


Owls are generally a symbol of paranormal wisdom, regal silence, and fierce intelligence. This is because owls are both great thinkers and hunters; they prefer to plan out their strategies instead of using brute force.


A blue moon is scientific, spiritual, a cliché as in “once in a blue moon,” a Belgian-style beer and a melody by Billie Holiday…and now you can be the only one in the universe with this one-of-a-kind Blue Moon mailbox sculpture.


There are three different enchanting Blue Moon types, calendrical coming up October 31, 2020; Astrological next beginning on July 24, 2021, and as this Blue Moon culminates on August 22, 2021, that end date is also the next season Blue Moon.


First, the most common is referred to as the second full moon that occurs during one month approximately every 2.7 years. The next calendrical Blue Moon will appear on October 31, 2020.


Next, an astrological Blue Moon occurs a second time during one solar month when the sun passes through a zodiac sign. The next cycle will begin with a full moon in the 2nd degree of Aquarius on 24th July 2021 and culminate with a blue moon in the 30th degree of Aquarius on 22nd August 2021. As astrological Blue Moon amplifies the energy of a full moon making it a great time to add your final touches to finish your masterpiece. Using this energy offers and opportunity to achieve something great. By channeling your efforts into positive and helpful actions you will be rewarded by receiving the results you want.


Finally, a seasonal Blue Moon is the third of four full moons in a single season, with a season being between a solstice and equinox. The next seasonal Blue Moon will be August 22, 2021.



The materials are carefully crafted with dual coatings of a clear protectant spray and a finishing coat of epoxy to ensure strength and durability.



  • US Postal medium size sturdy black metal post mounted mailbox with red flag
  • Driftwood and twigs
  • White and a variety of blue shaded and toned stones and beads
  • Polymere clay
  • All weather clear acrylic hot glue
  • Clear high gloss UV protectant Marine-grade epoxy/resin


Construction includes a compartment for parcel delivery and hassle-free mounting to any post with a recommended 1” thick x 6” wide x 12-16” long mounting board.


Dimensions (meet USPS regulations):

Overall with creative elements 21.5” long x 17.5” wide x 18.5” high

Mailbox 19” long x 6 ½” wide x 8 ½” high

Mail Opening 5.75” wide x 5-7.25” high

Interior 18.5” deep


Overall Product Weight: 11.5 lbs

Blue Reflecting Moon Handmade Mailbox Sculpture

SKU: 0011