This mailbox of Woodward Avenue is inspired by the automotive aficionado culture that comes alive each year during the Woodward Dream Cruise. Cruising Woodward Avenue, stretching from Detroit Michigan Northwest for 27 miles, dates back to the 1950s.


This mailbox has numerous little details. The door resembles the front end of a car with headlights and a grill. From a distance, the entire mailbox resembles a train. Inside the crowded line of storefronts lies a pebble walkway. Woodward Avenue has a lineup of classic cars on either side of a tree-filled boulevard. A bright red, yellow and green traffic light gleams at the front of the mailbox. To complete the design, a Woodward Ave street sign appears next to the red flag. 


In 1807 Woodward began as a road for horse-drawn carriages and eventually providing a vital pathway for Detroit’s auto industry. Woodward (also known as “M-1”) was the nation’s first “superhighway. Woodward and Michigan Avenue became the first intersection with a three-color traffic light, an invention by Detroit police officer William Potts.


Hundreds of thousands have marched on Woodward during times of war, unrest and in peace. In June 1963, Martin Luther King Jr and Walter Reuther led more than 125,000 people in a march on Woodward in Detroit in support of the civil rights movement.


The Woodward Dream Cruise is an automotive event attended by millions from around the world to show off thousands of vintage cars from hot rods and muscle cars to convertibles and custom-painted flames.

What classic car dreams and memories will inspire when you get your mail?



A grey metal USPS approved mailbox design with architecture and dual coatings of epoxy resin to ensure every nook and cranny is durable and weather resistant.



  • US Postal medium size sturdy gray metal post mounted mailbox with red flag
  • 9 unique variety of cars each approximately 1:64 scale die-cast with graphic deco on a red MAX Power 91 following a blue convertible classic and green heading north bound on Woodward. Leading south bond through the light is a red Fire Dept Chief car, followed by orange and light blue muscle cars. Next is a purple convertible hippie jeep complete with a trailer hitch on the back. Toward the back of the pack orange and yellow race cars.
  • Scotty O’Hotty “The Motor City Hot Sauce” “Made in Michigan” wooden container designed into storefronts.
  • Branches and bark
  • Colorful flower beads
  • Little mushroom miniature ornaments in red, yellow, turquoise and purple
  • Plastic tee variety with light and dark greens, pink buds and cherry blossoms.
  • Thick, natural coir/coconut fiber liner from the outer husk of coconut
  • Green dried moss
  • All weather acrylic paint, permanent marker and clear acrylic hot glue
  • Clear high gloss UV protectant Marine-grade epoxy/resin


Construction includes a compartment for parcel delivery and hassle-free mounting to any post with a recommended 1” thick x 6” wide x 12-16” long mounting board.


Dimensions (meet USPS regulations):

Overall with creative elements 21” long x 11” wide x 15” high

Mailbox 19” long x 6 ½” wide x 8 ½” high

Mail Opening 5.75” wide x 5-7.25” high

Interior 18.5” deep


Overall Product Weight: 11 lbs

Cruising Woodward Avenue Northwest from Detroit Michigan Custom Mailbox

SKU: 0015