A 6" wide radius x 4.25" tall black flowerpot features a circle of gemstones from Madagascar, off the coast of Africa, bring peace and harmony to your patio, in your garden, inside your home or office or as a unique gift.  The stand elevates the flowerpot for a total height of 7.5 inches. 


The circle shape is a transcendental symbol to represent inclusion, wholeness and the universe. This thought-provoking shape represents the essence of life.


An assortment of gemstones such as yellow, dalmatian, desert and red jasper to protect and unifiy all aspects of your life. Jasper is a nurturing stone providing support during times of stress to bring a sense of tranquility and peace. Green opal to rejuvenate and sustain emotional and spiritual energy. In combination, blue apatite to warm your chakras while elevating spiritual communication and labradorite to strengthen intuition while balancing and protecting the aura.



Crystal flowerpot (sold seperately)

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