Gandalf in Hobbiton...For those with a passion for Lord of the Rings, this sculptured mailbox offers functionality and flair made just for you. Gandalf journeys Middle-Earth beyond the mountains and rivers to come upon meadows in the Shire before reaching his destination at Bag End in Hobbiton. Through the gate posted “No Admittance except on party business” a stone walkway intertwines through a garden of bright flowers and bushes up a hill to a round door with the knob placed perfectly in the center. Inside the door is a tube-shaped tunnel hobbit-hole with round windows looking over the garden and meadows sloping down to the river. 


The Gandalf the Grey figure is a Weta Workshop Lord of the Rings vinyl Mini Epic figure digitally sculpted by 3D artist Mauro Santini measuring 3.66 x 3.74 x 7.28 inches.


All materials are carefully crafted with crystal clear high gloss marine grade and UV resistant coating to ensure strength and durability for outdoors or in. Use as your mailbox, a sculpture in your yard, as a special event gift card box, attractive indoor storage or give as a one-of-a-kind gift.


NOTE: There are sharp pieces, this is not recommended for young children.


•    US Postal medium size sturdy metal post mounted mailbox, interior grey
•    Naturally preserved dried forest green moss
•    Plastic mixed color miniature model trees
•    Plastic beading and exterior scenery
•    Blue aquarium strength glass
•    Bark, twigs and driftwood
•    Painted brass cabinet door handle
•    Stones and pebbles
•    Acrylic paint
•    Clear acrylic hot glue
•    Marine-grade epoxy/resin 


Construction includes a compartment for parcel delivery and hassle-free mounting to any post with a recommended 1” thick x 6” wide x 12-16” long mounting board.


Dimensions (in compliance with USPS regulations):
Overall with creative elements 19.5” long x 15” wide x 23.5 ” high
Mailbox 19” long x 6 ½” wide x 8 ½” high
Mail Opening 5.75” wide x 5-7.25” high 
Interior 18.75” deep

Overall Product Weight: 12 lbs

Gandalf Arrives at Bag End in Hobbiton Handmade Mailbox Sculpture

SKU: 0007