These twin mermaids’ charm, enchant and mesmerize those that pass by. Representing the feminine spirit, these sisters share an independent, wild and rebellious spirit with magical powers to woo creatures of the sea. This one-of-a-kind under the seascape provides an alluring mermaid theme with a variety of shells and coral reefs in vibrant hues of pink, blue and purple. The sea glistens from light aqua to deeper blue surrounded by the natural beauty of unique shades and shapes of driftwood.


Visualize the nautical home of a mermaid every time you retrieve your mail. A symbolic opportunity to relax and dream of magic coming into your life.


All materials are carefully crafted and coated with a crystal-clear high gloss marine grade and UV resistant coating to ensure strength and durability for the outdoors. 


•    US Postal medium size sturdy metal post mounted mailbox, interior grey
•    2 colorful mermaid/sirens mergirls figurines 4.25" Wide 
•    Extreme temperature rated turquoise colored glass 
•    Coral
•    Variety of seashells
•    Driftwood
•    Wood cabinet door handle
•    Acrylic paint
•    Clear acrylic hot glue
•    Marine-grade epoxy/resin 


Construction includes a compartment for parcel delivery and hassle-free mounting to any post with a recommended 1” thick x 6” wide x 12-16” long mounting board.


Dimensions (in compliance with USPS regulations):
Overall with creative elements 19.5” long x 13” wide x 22.5 ” high
Mailbox 19.5” long x 7” wide x 9.5” high
Mail Opening 5.75” wide x 5-7.25” high 
Interior 18.75” deep

Overall Product Weight: 11.5 lbs

Twin Mermaids Swim Among Vibrant Colored Creatures in a Turquoise Sea Mailbox

SKU: 0006